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Department of Computer Science and Communication Engineering

The Department of Computer Science and Communication Engineering (CSCE) at the Providence University was founded in 2004. The department created the excellent programs for future computer-video game developers and user experience engineers. The curriculums are designed to provide students with solid training in fundamental skills and knowledge. We expect that our graduates can demonstrate strong expertise in professional areas and exhibit leadership to achieve organizational goals. Our distinguished faculty members show ambition and enthusiasm in teaching, research, and services. In addition, a group of mentors provide on-demand tutoring service for students who need extra assistance. Initially, our facilities include two laboratories which focus on multimedia and networking administration, respectively.


Program Features

•  Game development

  The program includes courses of game development, game design and gaming programming.

•  Communication Technology

While communication industry is thriving, we are to instruct students in hope they will build up skills in developing wideband network frame and personal communication software

•  Animation Design

Sketch Drawing, 2D animation and 3D animation, interactivity.

•  Multimedia Content

By utilizing our new multimedia laboratory, the course design shall be centered on skills of making motion pictures through which information is transferred.