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Undergraduate program

Course design keeps up with the trend and demand of the society, tending to the development of towarding multi-faceted. Required courses offered in the first and second years mainly aim to strengthen students’ fundamental Japanese abilities. Professional courses in the third and fourth years are offered for students to choose and enhance their specialty. The courses include the following four certified programs.

1.      Language, education

2.      International trade, business

3.      Tourism, guided tour

4.      Translation, interpretation


Students are expected to gain relevant knowledge to increase their abilities in pursuing further study and future career by the integrated and specialized optional courses in the specific field.

In addition to the above-mentioned certified programs offering diverse optional courses, we also offer the courses: Introduction to Japanese Data of Taiwan and History of Relations with Taiwan and Japan, which guide students to associate the study of Japan to the study of Taiwan. 


Graduate Program

Courses include Japanese linguistics, Japanese language teaching, Japanese literature, history and culture between Taiwan and Japan, Chinese-Japanese interpretation and translation. Research Methods is the only required course, excluding thesis. The rest of courses are optional courses. Students are free to take any courses as they need.