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   The College of Foreign Languages and Literature includes the Department of English Language, Literature, and Linguistics with M.A. Program, the Department of Spanish Language and Literature with M.A. Program, and the Department of Japanese with M.A. Program.

    The college regularly publishes two issues of “Providence Forum: Language and Humanities” each year, which, with a sound referee system, provides scholars of related fields and our own faculty a place to publish their research findings.

    With faculty members from diverse cultural backgrounds (American, British, French, Australian, Hungarian, Spanish, Latin American as well as Japanese), the college is able not only to offer language courses in English, Japanese, and Spanish, but also to provide elective second language courses in French, German, and Italian.  Every department of the college has also established student exchange programs to enhance cooperation and academic interaction with various selected prestigious universities overseas.

     In addition to a translation and interpretation lab, several computer-assisted multi-media labs and self-learning centers, both equipped with various kinds of hardware and learning software, the College also has abundant resources in its AV Center and a series of outstanding courses offered for Education Certificate Programs in Secondary Education, Primary Education, and Preschool Education.  It is our belief that this College provides an excellent place for the teaching, learning, and research in foreign languages and literature.