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Department of Ecological Humanities

In the beginning, Ecology was a discipline of science on the relationship between organisms and their living environment. However, the living environment of organisms is increasingly interfered and damaged by reason of man’s occupation and domination over nature. To such extent, Ecology, as a discipline initially concerning the organism’s natural habitat “oikos”, would inevitably orientate toward concerning man’s culture and deeds dealing with Nature.


Therefore, Ecology has to convert from natural science into a humanity concerning and surveying ideas, ethics, values, culture, society and behavior of human being.


To a great extent, human being is the central theme of research, therefore,  humanity has turned into the central intention of Ecology. From observing the history of ecology, ecological thoughts, ecological conservation movements, and environmental protection movements since 19th century, it is clear to see that the tendency is getting more noticeable.


At the time that both native and foreign ecology science and life science getting thriving, Institute of Ecology of Providence University aims for investigation in the academic field of ideas, ethics, culture, education etc. concerning about ecology. Found on the base of knowledge of ecological science/eco-science, to train students to be in possession of the discipline and acquirements of humanities. And that is for participating in the construction of ecological culture in Taiwan and providing the academic service for the native environmental protection movements.