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Department of Social Work and Child Welfare

The high industrialization, urbanization and rapid development of technology have brought pervasive social problems, especially the ones of youths and children.  To work out those problems related to youths and children and to advocate children’s well-beings, the developed countries have not only enacted laws to build up society safety systems of primary prevention and interventions, but also have progressively prepared and trained professionals of social welfare and social work. 


In order to meet the current needs of society, Department of Social Work and Child Welfare was established in 1986 and has been committed professional education of social welfare.  The department has trained diverse professionals in the fields of child welfare, including child consultants, preschool educators, and general social workers and social administrators. The graduate program of social welfare started in 1996, and the in-service graduate program started in 2005 for providing advanced professional knowledge and training. Until now more than 2,400 students have graduated from the undergraduate program and more than 100 students from the graduate programs.  Most of them are contributed to child welfare and services in governments, public and private social welfare organizations, and educational organizations.


As students graduated from the department have earned their accreditations in social work and human service organizations, their employment opportunities have become wide and diverse.  In order to meet the changes of social work education and to enhance students’ competencies in social work practices, the department has applied to the Ministry of Education for the change of department name to Department of Social Work and Child Welfare.  All of the staffs and students would be more actively engaged in the development of both modules of social work and child welfare based on the department traditions.