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There are three program which are Financial Institutions, financial decision and investment management in the department and with systematic learning, the department aims at guiding students for future career. It is required for students to take at least two programs and each includes 12 credits before graduation.

In order to reinforce students’ career training and foresight, the department developed the course called ‘Internship I’ with Management College, Department of Business Administration and Department of International Business. Students can work as intern for at least 240 hours in cooperative companies during summer vacation. The course, Internship II, enables students work as intern in cooperative companies for 360 hours, three to four days per week, in their last semester. Students can take Internship II&III (9 credits) synchronously and they can work as intern for at least four to five days a week, 540 hours in total.



Graduate students can study different programs according to their interests. Financial management program will guide students who are interested in further studies in writing academic thesis and attending academic seminars. For those who are interested in joining career, we will encourage them to study treasury marketing program. Students will have opportunities to participate internship and getting certificates; moreover, students can do case study research or reports in their graduation thesis for further understanding in enterprise group ecology and increase employment rate.