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Department of Applied Chemistry

The goal of the Department of Applied Chemistry is to cultivate students to meet social needs. In light of the arrival of sustainable age, the professional education of the Department is based on green chemistry. Teaching and research are added sustainable concepts and technology, establishing green chemistry-based educational environment. The Department is characterized by heading for the development, analysis, and application of materials and medications. In addition, the research and application of dye-sensitized solar cell are another focus. The Department aims to cultivate professionals in chemistry with professional knowledge and skills and high quality work ethics.


Under the impact of dramatic reduction of childbirth rate, we consolidate source of students on one hand, and seeking excellence in teaching and research on the other hand, to enhance teachers’ and students’ professional competency. Based on refinement of the Department and the Graduate Program and knowledge-action integration, we have complete schooling system: undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs. In addition to basic teaching, the curriculum of the Graduate Program is classified into two types: academic type and practice type. We actively contact with chemistry-related companies, strengthen the interaction with industry, industry-academia alliance, and internship. We want to create a win-win situation: keeping close contact with industry, increasing students’ employment advantage, and industry competitiveness and research ability.


We set up a precision instrument center, which is unique among private universities. In addition, we are going to hire dual energy contract-based industry-academia teachers heading for running the Testing Center and Green Technology Platform with enterprise business models.