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Undergraduate Program

1. Solid foundation: Theoretical courses are offered based on the order of difficulties from fundamental to advanced sequence.

2. Industry-university co-teaching: The department actively collaborates with the industry guiding into industry knowledge. Students have the deeper understanding of the employment market; therefore, employment matchmaking rate is increased.

3. Featured program: The program is offered to cultivate students’ multiple competency and specialties. To follow the trend of social development, we offer Solar Battery Program, Green Chemistry Program, Material Chemistry Program, and Medicinal Chemistry Program.


Graduate Program

The curriculum of the Graduate Program is classified into two types: academic type and practice type. Freshmen are enrolled in different sections, Applied Chemistry Section and Industry Chemistry Section. Applied Chemistry Section aims to pave the way for an academic route equipping students with abilities to study in the Ph.D. program or be engaged in research departments in business. After graduating, they can study in the Ph.D. program or work as researchers in business. Industry Chemistry Section offers chances for practices preparing students for the future career. With the arrangement of the internship, they can integrate what they learn in school with enterprise after graduation soon.


Doctoral Program

Students need to specialize in core courses based on their research fields to enhance their research abilities.