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Exploration of Career


To hold the test of Job interests and work ability and provide career consultation as well as tutorial consultation after the test.

To assist students with their career planning program

To hold the training course of employment awareness



Training of Pre-employment


To host the speeches of career and employment, inheritance of Alumni’s experience as well as public servant’s examination…etc.

To hold activities of resume and biography check-up, interview skills and competitions

To host the training course of Providence Thousand Horse



Connection of Employment


To hold Campus Employment Exhibition, Enterprise recruitment briefing, Visitation of Enterprise and Employer Symposium

To edit and publish the special column of Providence’s new talented persons and connect to Enterprise proactively

To build the network of employment and provide information of full-time and part-time jobs



Service of Alumni


To deal with the application of Alumni provided scholarship

To provide the services to Alumni

To host the reunion of Alumni

To conduct the questionnaire and survey of graduated students’ follow-up