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About us

The Office of Academic Affairs is currently made up of 5 units- the registration and curriculum unit, admissions unit, student recruitment unit, teaching materials development center, education service development center and the research and development center of idea generation in researching and writing. It is responsible for student recruitment during each academic year, teacher allocation, course planning, student admissions and grade management.

This Office aggressively implements measures to elevate the teaching quality of teachers and students’ learning performance. This aims to increase PU students’ career competitiveness and hopefully, by strengthening our students’ English language, IT ability and humanities accomplishments, we can build the foundation of every student’s academic ability and humanities accomplishments. The Office encourages students to study a “double degree” with a “minor”, “key courses”, and “professional learning” so as to strengthen their competitiveness in the market upon their graduation or when applying to furthering their studies. It holds true to its direction of “Igniting Interest, Grasping Opportunities, Creating Education Vision; Emphasizing on Communication, Establishing Common Interests, and Managing Education” to help Taiwanese society cultivate more seeds of hope. We start cultivating tomorrow’s leaders today!



1.    Help to solve pedagogical difficulties and improve teaching quality.

2.    Organizing and holding various teacher development events and courses, including the establishment of the teaching network and the conference for new teachers.

3.    Selecting excellent teachers of whole university.

4.    To support the teaching and expertise development of teachers and to elevate their teaching quality.

5.    Hosting the affair of "teaching equipment and other equipment budget consulting meeting".

6.   To implement operations that are relevant to the affairs and are assigned by the school.