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Admission session

About us

Responsible for all the academic affairs including admissions, curriculum, registration and score management, applications for minor degree and double major, interdisciplinary programs, summer course and all changes that pertain to leave of absence, return to school, school dropout.


1.    admissions and score management

A.    To handle all affairs that pertain to student registration and course enrollment.

B.    Post the New Student Registration Information to freshmen.

C.    To handle credit transfer and transfer application management.

D.    To handle all affairs regarding Chinese/English transcripts, English degree certifications, registration certifications and associated English correspondences.

E.    Transcripts for the semester.

F.    To alter students' semester scores.

G.    To handle the grades of inter-collegiate course registration.


2.    Course and Graduation

A. Production and re-issuance of student ID cards, document application,  

application for various certificates related to student status and academic scores, issuing transcripts, certificates and diplomas.

B. To handle all changes that pertain to leave of absence, return to school, school dropout, etc.

C. To handle compilation of student status.

D.  Data on graduating students and their qualifications.


3.    Curriculum and Examination

A.     Curriculum arrangement for all school systems.

B.     Online first-stage course selection and the adding/dropping of courses.

C.     Cross-campus course selection.

D.    Calculation of monthly teaching hours.

E.    Assisting teachers with leave-taking, class makeup and class rescheduling.

F.    To handle course selection which does not meet the requirements.

G.    Midterm, final (graduation), and summer session examinations related matters.

H.    Printing services for midterm, final, graduation, summer session, and makeup examination paper.

I.    On-campus examination related matters.

J.    Semester makeup examination.


4.    Summer Course

A.    Semester and summer sessions course offering.

B.    Registration for summer study (class makeup).

C.    Applying for interschool subject registration.


5. Design of Printing

A.    Printing services for faculty lecture materials and examinations.

B.    Printing services for midterm, final, graduation, summer session, and makeup examination paper.


6. Others

A.    Responsible for management all student academic records, application for minor and double-major studies, and application for credit transfer.

B.    Responsible for applying Five-Year BA-MA Program.

C.    Responsible for applying the award of The Phi Tau Phi  Scholastic Honor Society of the Republic of China.


Recruitment Section

About us

The Recruitment Section is responsible for recruiting related matters, including establishing recruitment strategies, holding recruitment activities on-campus(i.e. University camp, Freshmen Welcome Party, and Discover MCU camp) and off-campus (i.e. University Fair, Introduction of fields of study and interview simulations with allied high school students).

The admission channels including: Transfer examination, Undergraduate Admission by Joint College Entrance Exam (JCEE), Undergraduate Admission by Referral and Regional/Institutional Examinations, Review and Selection of Outstanding Athletes for Undergraduate Admission, Selection of undergraduates for admission by referral via [technical/vocational] institutes and [junior] colleges. Graduate (Masters’): Masters’ Program Admission by Recommendation and University Examination and Masters’ Program Admission by University Examination.


1.          Submission of the recruitment quota distribution of all academic programs in next academic year and Enrolment information collecting and participation in domestic recruitment activities.

2.    Responsible for admission channel including Transfer examination, Undergraduate Admission by Joint College Entrance Exam (JCEE), Undergraduate Admission by Referral and Regional/Institutional Examinations, Masters’ Program Admission by Recommendation and University Examination and Masters’ Program Admission by University Examination.

3.    Responsible for introduction of fields of study and interview simulations with allied high school students or Assistance in campus tour guide for school students and teachers.



The international students are enrolled by the International and Cross-Strait Offices. Please refer to: http://www.411.pu.edu.tw/main.php (Open new window)


Center for Teaching and Learning Development

About us

The center is responsible for execution of the Plan of Teaching Excellency, with the main mission being “ameliorating the school's teaching quality and students' learning efficiency.’’ We Encourage exchange and sharing of teaching experiences, cultivate leading elites who care about the society and establish the system to ameliorate the depth and breadth of learning. We aims to promoting effective teaching via constant curriculum improvement and developing student learning ability via strengthening learning supports.


1.    Learning support and Counseling

(1) offer various autonomous learning allowance and reward

(2) promote various learning model lectures

(3) handles affairs related to nomination and cultivation of Teaching Assistants

(4) plans and promotes individual learning counseling

(5) holds faculty teaching capacity seminar and innovative teaching capacity workshop, PU TALK workshop, outdoor experience educational course, etc

2.    Teaching support and counseling

(1) offer new teachers professional consultant

(2) offer faculty development and teaching innovation allowance and reward

(3) execute multiple intelligences teaching workshop

(4) assist improving teachers' teaching initiative and ability, providing teaching counseling service

3.    Digital learning development and promotion

(1) promote digital learning courses, for example, MOOCs, OCW, distance education, etc

(2) hold digital teaching material workshop

(3) optimize digital teaching source and e-learning platform


Q1: Can the foreign students apply for the TA?

A: Yes (who stay in Taiwan over 183 days). Each department can choose the TA by themselves and engage the TA. If the foreign students who interested in applying the TA, please contact with the department office.

Q2: Can the foreign students apply for the Scholarship of Center for Teaching and Learning Development?

A: Yes. Please pay attention to the information of entrance,email box.Furthermore, you can contact with the office directly, where in the foruth floor,Wen Xing Hall.

Please refer to the list:

1. Learning community

2. Self-learning project

3. Professional license reward

4. Attend professional competition reward

Q3: How can I reflect my opinion if I confused about the teaching?

A: 1. Reflect it directly in the classroom.

   2. Through the teaching reflection platform and communicate with the teacher.

   Procedures: PU homepage→click on “e-campus service web” →Enter account number (Student ID) and password→click on “course”and choose “mid-term teaching reflection” →write your reflection→the system will send the anonymous message to the professor

Q4: Should I fill in the survey of teaching reflection for the courses I majored in?

A: Yes.

1.Encourage students reflect learning opinion in order to as the reference of revising teaching for teachers.

2.The survey of teaching reflection for the courses start from week 14, as the anonymous way.

Procedures: PU homepage→click on “e-campus service web” →Enter account number (Student ID) and password→click on “course”and choose “final teaching reflection” →write your reflection→the system will send the anonymous message to the database


Service-Learning Development Center

About us

Service-Learning Development Center was founded in 2007. The center is in charge of freshman service learning with campus activity of character education. In order to provide comprehensive affective learning environment, we integrate "formal" and "informal" courses through the core campus value of “volunteer providence”. Using curriculum content plan and multi-community service type to enhance students ‘capacity for self-government and cultivate their sense of responsibility and continuous participation in volunteer to take the school motto “Virtus cum Scientia and Virtue with Knowledge” as principal axis.


1.    promote “freshman service learning course”

2.    Responsible for planning and organizing service activities related to the features of the colleges or professional expertise.

3.    learning course of Cross-area Cooperation

4.    Students with outstanding records of services may become candidates to be rewarded for outstanding performance in services.

5.    promote Luking social service award

6.    counsel English, math and normal tutor project

7.    department service learning teaching assistant training and promote the project

8.    promote international volunteer

9.    youth international students in service action plans

10.  promote off-campus internship


Q1: What’s the required qualifications for attending course assistant?

A: Students  enrolled  in  any  major  in  four-year  degree programs  can  submit requests to apply for it between their second year. They can lead the freshmen to finish the community service. We sincerely invite the students who interested in the project to join us.

Q2: What’s the required qualifications for applying professional service learning course/ program?

   What’s the conditions involved?

A: 1. Professional service learning course: The full-time teachers who want to take the “service learning spirit” as consideration can apply for it. Except the freshman service learning program, the other formal courses can apply for it.

    2. Professional service learning program: The administrative/ academic department which want to apply for the program, the amount of the students should over six.

    3. Professional service learning team: Professional Competence in use in various fields by the name of team can apply for it, the amount of students should over six. It’s not limited in course or league.

Q3: 【Professional service learning】 Can the professional service learning hours be counted in the volunteer hours?

A: 1. Professional service learning use students spare time which owned to the nature of volunteer service. The service hours may be requested to be counted in the student's volunteer service records, or ask the co-organizer to provide service hours proof certificate.

2. We will import their service learning hours into e-portfolio in the end of the semester so that the hours can be as the learning resume for the students and teachers.

Q4:【Professional service learning】Will the students who major the service learning course are required to participate in the service activities?

A: 1.In principle, it is up to the teachers to decide whether the students are required to take part in the course or not. The instructors may explain the purpose of the course design in the beginning of the semester.

2. For students who participate in the service, teachers should establish appropriate scoring or reward mechanism, to encourage students to take e initiative to participate in community services or to stimulate students to participate in social care power.

Q5:【Domestic volunteers】Application Note for Volunteer Service.

  A:1.The Volunteer Service Register is a national-level register issued by the Ministry of Education (substitute for the Providence University).

2.To apply for the volunteer service register, you need to complete the basic training of volunteer service and special training courses for a total of 24 hours.

3.The freshman service training course is regarded as completing the basic training of volunteer service (you need to apply for the proof of course attendance as certification )

4. The school holds regular special training each semester (fall semester: held by the Service-Learning Development Center, spring semester: held by Extracurricular section)

5. The students who complete a special training program for volunteer service, will be issued by the course management unit to give the register.

Q6: 【Domestic volunteers】Can the service hours be collected and renewed before the volunteer service register?

A: NO. According to the Ministry of the Interior: you can register and log service hours after completion of the basic and special 2 training. The number of service hours prior to the completion of the two training sessions shall not be retroactive.

Q7:【International volunteers】What is the timeline about applying for international volunteers each service?

A: 1. Hold international volunteer seminar in October.

    2. Carry out the first phase of recruitment of international volunteers selected in December.

    3. Carry out the second phase of international volunteer selection to determine the group members in March.

    4. We will start the service overseas in July during the summer vacation.

Q8: 【Freshman service learning】I am a transfer student (foreign students), into the elective system, I found that I have been preselected this course.Does it means that I must take the course?

A: 1. According to the implementation of service learning program: foreign students and transfer students are exempted from this course. You may choose to take this course at your own discretion.

2. If you are qualified for the above-mentioned exemption, but the pre-selected course contains the course, you can log-in directly during the course selection process to drop out (exclude the course) or reserve (continue taking the course).

Q9: 【Freshman service learning】I am an overseas Chinese student who is enrolled in the program. Does it conform the eligibility criteria for foreign students?

A: In addition to short-term study or exchange students, students who are enrolled in a four-year program are required to take the course. Therefore, you must take this course as a full-time student who is an overseas student. Otherwise, it will affect your graduation.

Q10: 【Professional Service Learning】What is professional service learning?

A:1.The purpose of professional service learning is to enhance teaching effectiveness, enhance students' professional knowledge, and actively train students to serve the community of enthusiasm and responsibility.

2. Professional service learning, including the full-time teachers and teachers of the faculty, existing service learning teaching mode. As well as the school teaching or administrative units, the establishment of volunteer service team, into the spirit of service learning, to provide students with practical application opportunities, combined with professional services.

Q11: 【Off-campus internship】 How do foreign students participate in off-campus training?

A: Off-campus internship programs are compulsory and are subject to contract with an internship organization. Foreign students and land-based students can participate without applying for a work permit. They are not subject to a 20-hour weekly limit.

Off-campus internship program for overseas students, they are required to apply for a work permit in advance. They must comply with the stipulation of 20 hours per week (excluding summer and winter vacation).

Off-campus training courses such as elective courses, because of the "terrestrial" can not apply for a work permit, the school internship meeting agreed to allow terrestrial take the course, but the departments need to prior contract with the institutions, 20 hours per week. They shall not be required to pay wages and salaries, or individuals, schools and institutions shall bear the relevant legal responsibility.

Q12: 【Off-campus internship】Do I have different grades and types of internships?

A: The minimum number of internship hours is at least 60 hours as the 1 credit, depending on the nature of development. Internship credits can be divided into: 3 credits (180 hours), 6 credits (360 hours), 9 credits (540 hours); our internship can be divided into: 1. short-term internship. 2. Part-time internship (3-4 days / week). 3. Full-term internship (5 days / week).

Q13: 【Off-campus internship】Do I have to pay tuition and fees for the whole semester?

A: Off-campus internship course is an elective or compulsory course in our formal course. Although the time is limited, each department should be responsible for the planning of internship program, internship organization and assessment during the counseling and the assessment, etc. It is still subject to the school tuition fees. In accordance with the provisions of the Ministry of Education, students, such as full semester in the institutions outside the organization practitioners, the term fee to charge 100% tuition fees and 80% of the incidental expenses. While the whole semester to attend 540 hours of off-campus internship courses, and no other courses were elective, 50% reduction in miscellaneous fees.

Other Links

Service-Learning Development Center: www.service-learning.pu.edu.tw (Open new window)

Industry College: www.industrial.pu.edu.tw (Open new window)


The Research and Development Center of Idea Generation in Reading and Writing

About us

Co - ordinate the planning and teaching of reading and writing courses in our university, integration and development of Language - related resources in and out of schools, handle students creative work.


responsible for the joint compulsory "reading and writing" curriculum planning

publication of "Reading and Writing" materials

examination of "Reading and Writing"

cultivating "Reading and Writing" Course TA

promote "Reading and Writing" course teachers, TA community module

promote the exchange of Chinese teaching and resource sharing across schools

research and handle of advanced reading and writing courses

provide a platform for language enhancement and creativity

students creative team training

management of "reading and writing consultation room"


Q1: 【文思診療室】What is the opening hours and service locations?

A: "Reading and Writing consultation room" is located in the first floor of library.

   The open hours is from Monday to Friday, 10:10~12:00、13:10~17:00. It’s not open on Thursday, 15:10~17:00, mid-term week, final exam week, school close day, national holiday and winter, summer vacation.

Q2: 【Reading and writing consultation room】Who can use the "Reading and Writing consultation room" ? What’s the service it will offer?

A: "Reading and Writing consultation room" is a common activity base for teachers and students. In order to enrich and deepen the connotation of the curriculum and promote the reading and writing, two important roles are set up: the resident writers and the TA community. If you are the students or teachers who love reading, writing, storytelling, welcome to this warm and positive learning environment to read literature, literature.

Q3: 【Professional ability development】Is there any relevant training courses about writing creation?

The center will hold a "Private School" campaign every semester. Students who are interested in new poetry or novel writing are welcome to register. The program will announce to all students at the beginning of the semester by e-mail or on the website of the center. http://randw.pu.edu.tw (Open new window)

Q4: 【Professional ability development】Is it related to literary competitions or arts activities?

   In the full semester, students will be invited to hold essay contests, theme essay contests for images and writing, and cultural camps during the winter vacation. The next semester is organized by the Providence University of literature award, for poetry, essays and novels contest. The event will be posted on the portal or via e-mail to all students of the school. http://randw.pu.edu.tw (Open new window)

Other Link

http://randw.pu.edu.tw (Open new window)