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About Office of General Affairs

About Us

There are six divisions in the Office of General Affairs, which are General Services Division, Cashier Division, Construction and Maintenance Division, Procurement Division, Environmental Safety Division and Campus Security to support all kinds of administrative managements. Office of General Affairs promotes campus energy (water and electricity) saving, recycling actively and trains environmental volunteers to raise environmental consciousness on campus for the goal of future green university.


Office of General Affairs is responsible for the following affairs:

1.          Mailing

2.          Campus parking

3.          University-financed vehicle

4.          Tuition fees payment

5.          Fees payment

6.          University property management

7.          Public and experimental Equipment maintenance

8.          Procurement

9.          Safety training

10.      Laboratory and environmental safety

11.      On-campus car control

12.      Campus safety

13.      Other kinds of general affairs


Q: How to contact Office of General Affairs

A: First floor of Bishop Kupfer Building, Campus security is located near campus main gate. TEL: 04-26328001#11301-11302

Other Link

Website: http://www.gnl.pu.edu.tw/ (Open new window)