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Office of Research and Development

About Us

We provide the service of academic researches for teachers and students, including the project applications, financial aid and subsidies for international conferences. We cooperate with the related administrative units to plan and innovate university development, and we also collect and organize university development plans. Moreover, we deal with Institutional Accreditation, College/Department Accreditation, and provide the Annual Reports.


1.          Provide grants for full-time teachers and graduate students to attend the international conference.

2.          Apply for special research project of MOST for teachers and undergraduate students.

3.          Provide awards and grants for special research project of teachers and their academic publications.

4.          Deal with the university development and affairs relating to accreditations and evaluations.

5.          Maintain the outcome system of the research and development from teachers. 


The Division of Industrial-Academic Collaboration

About Us

According to public/private agencies and companies needs, we help them consult our faculty and design the authorized industry-university cooperative contract and/or technology transfer contract for them. And then, we enhance the energy of research and upgrade industries through industry-government-university exchanges and cooperation.


1.Deal with the events about industry-university cooperative projects, including government procurements, applications and association of public/private agency projects, consulting and matchmaking, and administrative affairs within the campus.

2. Deal with the affairs about professional techniques transfer authorization, which includes contract signing, payment requirements, and budget cancellation, etc.

3.Collect and organize the outcome data of Industry- University Cooperative Research Project to manage and utilize it effectively.


Consumer Products and Environment Testing(CPET) Center

About Us

When a company sends sample for an inspection, CPET center may follow the company’s appointment, department’s recommendation or matchmaking faculty to accomplish the authorized case.


1. Inspection application: negotiate with the samples, inspection items, charges, as well as filling out an application form.

2. Inspection corporation: inquire and match up teachers and laboratories.

3. Receiving an inspection: after confirming the checking items and the contract being stamped, the samples are proceeded to the cooperative faculty.

4. Accomplished inspection: We give two copies of the stamped inspection reports. After receiving the payment, CPET center signs a receipt.