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About Office of Student Affairs

About Us

Office of Student Affairs deals with whole university students’ affairs. The following are the divisions: Division of Student Assistance, Division of Extra-Curricular Activities, Division of Student Housing Service, Counseling and Health Center, and Office of Military Education. Each division provides counseling and services for whole university students according to their responsibilities.


The services of Office of Student Affairs base on creating a warm, safe, learning environment of high quality campus. “Volunteer PU” is constructed as a core value system of campus culture by Office of Student Affairs. Through our cooperative team works and the efficiency of the services, we help students to achieve whole-person development, to foster students to have the ability of self-regulation, and we focus on providing a comprehensive character education for them to become a national elite and a civil with the global vision.


Q: If students confront the problems of Gender Equality on the campus, how to apply for investigation?

A: The applicants or prosecutors can provide the application to the executive secretary of Office of Student Affairs. Location: The Office of Secretariat on 3F of Bishop Kupfer Hall. TEL: 04-23628001 #11201. Office of Student Affairs will submit the case to the Gender Equality Association within 3 days after receiving the application.

Other Link

The website of PU Gender Equality: http://web.pu.edu.tw/~pugec/ (Open new window)