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Division of Student Assistance

About Us

​This division takes the school motto “Virtus cum Scientia and Virtue with Knowledge” as principal axis. We correct students’ concepts, enhance their temperament, foster their spirits of responsible and disciplined, develop their habits of cleanliness and regular life, cultivate their perfect character and decent morality, and help them to achieve balanced development of body and mind. We expect students can become a macroscopic, progressive, and practical person through their self-awareness, self-disciplined, and self-regulated acts.   


The five main services of Division of Student Assistance:

1.      1. Students’ daily-life guidance.

A.          Handle and counsel the events of traffic violation in campus.  

B.          Deal with and control the applications for students’ temporary permits.

C.          Supervise the foods sanitary and deal with the comments and reflections about it from students.

2.      2. Students’ Activities

A. The counseling activities for freshman entrance.

B. Plan and execute the activities of graduation ceremony.

3.      3. Students’ scholarships

A.          Student loan.

B.          Tuition waivers.

C.          Grants for disadvantaged students.

D.         Internal and external campus scholarships application.

E.          MOE’s emergency aid fund for special students’ application.

F.           Emergency financial aid fund.

G.         Scholarships for students in financial need.

H.         Whole university part-time students budget drafting, quota control, and hold committee meeting and take minutes for it.

4.   Class advisor affairs.

A.        Student cadres’ selection and organization.

B.        Students’ award and punishment, and conduct grade Affairs.

C.        Outstanding class advisor selection.

D.       Class advisor budget and interaction fee among teachers and students controlling.

E.        Class advisor recommendation and name list management.

F.         Allocate and control the places for the class meeting.

G.       Model Students selection and praise.  

5.      5. Student insurance services.


1.              Students’ Requesting Leaves regulation. (link:

http://www.osa.pu.edu.tw/osa/files/Dep_02/S08F2_1497.pdf)(Open new window)


2.              Students award and punishment regulation. (link:

http://www.osa.pu.edu.tw/osa/files/Dep_02/S11F1_537.pdf)(Open new window)


3.              PU students’ conduct grade act regulation. (link:

http://www.osa.pu.edu.tw/osa/files/Dep_02/S11F1_1495.pdf)(Open new window)


4.              Scholarships for students in financial need regulation. (link:

http://www.osa.pu.edu.tw/osa/files/scholarship/S04F1_572.pdf)(Open new window)


5.              Student emergency financial aid fund regulation. (link:

http://www.osa.pu.edu.tw/osa/files/scholarship/S04F1_106.pdf)(Open new window)


6.              Scholarships for students in financial need regulation. (link:http://www.osa.pu.edu.tw/osa/files/scholarship/S04F1_123.pdf)(Open new window)


Q1: If students encounter emergent events, how to provide financial aid to them?

A1: Office of Student Affairs has special “Students emergency financial aid fund”: When impoverished students who encounter severe emergency (such as family crises, car accident, parents’ unemployment, serious diseases, accidental events, etc.) and cause financial difficulties in studying or life are eligible for financial aid by the Division of Student Assistance. The financial aid will be provided according to students’ circumstances, the maximum can be up to NTD 30,000.


Q2: If students get hurt, how to apply for the students’ insurance service? If the hurt impact the feet moving, how to deal with it?

A2: 1. Required documents for insurance:

a.   Download application form for compensation on the website of Division of Student Assistance.

b.   Diagnostic report and official medical fee receipt copy.

c.   A copy of post office’s or bank’s account book. All the detailed requirements for application can be found on the official website, and please submit them to Division of Student Assistance.

2. The assistance for the students who get hurt and unable to walk: Students can apply temporary pass because of the feet injury (includes physically Disabled) or diseases. Please submit a one-inch photo, payment NTD 50 per month (students who with the disability Certificate can pay the deposit only.), deposit NTD 100, and diagnostic report to the Division of Student Assistance in person to apply for it.


Q3: When you confront the problems of food sanitation or consuming conflicts, which unit can handle it?

A3: On-campus consuming appeal cases handle unit: Division of Student Assistance. All university staffs and students can appeal those problems about food sanitation, labeling description, bad attitude of foodservice, etc.


Q4: When students inquire about on-campus part-time jobs, what should we deal with?

A4: All the administrative and academic units which need part-time students will offer notices and relevant information on their official websites. Students are welcome to inquire of those units to see if there is any vacancy.

Other Link

On-campus food sanitation zone: http://www.osa.pu.edu.tw/osa/district/res/ (Open new window)

Part-time assistant zone: http://www.osa.pu.edu.tw/osa/district/assistant/ (Open new window)




Division of Extra-curricular Activities

About Us

Division of Extra-Curricular Activities takes the mission to cultivate club members’ autonomy, leadership, and qualify them with morality and capacity of social care. We enhance students core abilities by promoting “Elites and Excellence” four main learning projects (club leader, club elite, the rules of procedure, cognition of volunteers). We intend to construct some wonderful clubs learning environment to qualify Providence students with high-quality civic literacy and comprehensive career competitiveness.


The four main services of Division of Extra-curricular Activities:

1.      Provide guidance to student clubs and assist them to develop well.

2.      Strengthen the soft skill of club cadres and hold “Elites and Excellence” four main learning projects.

3.      Hold multi-characteristic activities: Mask Party for freshman, series activity for performing arts season, lychee (inspiring) culture festival, photography competition of PU’s beauty, competition of Christmas topic decoration.

4.      Promote “Volunteer PU”: Lead the development of elementary and junior high schools’ student clubs, community services, and the education priority area.


1.          PU student clubs counseling and guidance regulation.


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2.          Introduction of 9 types of student clubs.

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Q1: How to join student clubs?

A1: “Clubs Exhibition” will be held on Red Brick Road in front of the Schultz Hall at the very beginning of each semester. Interested students are welcome to visit the venue or come to clubs’ office to apply for joining. We sincerely invite you to join our big clubs’ family. 


Q2: Why should you join student club?

A2: 1. To construct the interpersonal relationship. 2. To learn skills and develop proper interest. 3. To get comprehensive growth and diversified development. 4. To establish the basement for joining the society. 5. To learn the time management.

Other Link

1.        The website of Division of Extra-Curricular Activities.
http://www.osa.pu.edu.tw/osa/main.jsp?DepID=05 (Open new window)

2.        The Facebook of PU Student Government Organization.
https://www.facebook.com/PUSA312 (Open new window)



Counseling and Health Center

About Us

This center mainly provides all university staffs and students the relevant professional services of physical and mental health. For the physical health promotion and maintenance, we provide services of medical care, nutrition consulting, exercises guidance, weight control, etc. For the mental health promotion and maintenance, we provide services of counseling, disable students’ assistance, life education, gender education, mental energization, class counseling, etc.


In a warm, relaxed atmosphere, students are encouraged to participate the counseling services, growth activities, medical care services and health promotion activities with the professional psychologists, social workers, nurse specialists, nutritionists and related staffs to reach the physical and mental joyful development.


Student appeal regulation:


 (Open new window)


The procedure of student appeal:


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The website of Office of Student Affairs for student appeal:


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Q1: Dose it need to pay for the counseling service? How to get the service?

A1: It’s totally free for the counseling service and please complete pre-registration in person at this center (4F of Bishop Kupfer Hall).


Q2:  Is there any psychiatrist at Counseling and Health Center? Will the doctor make a prescription?

A2:  We have arranged scheduled psychiatrist on duty on campus for each week. The main services include psychological counseling, mental medical treatment, and medicine using consulting, but we do not provide the medical services of making diagnostic report and prescription.



Q3: What are the diagnosis and treat services of school doctors?

A3: Clinic schedule: Every Mon., Wed., Thu., Fri., 12:30~14:00. There are different clinics or both traditional Chinese and Western medicine doctors on Tue. (Traditional Chinese medicine clinic: 13:00~15:30). It’s no charge and no health insurance card is needed.


Q4: How to register for the school doctor?

A4: 1. You can pre-registration online (e-Campus Services Network) 2 days before the visit date.

2. If you exceed the time of pre-registration online, please on-site registration at Counseling and Health Center (B1 of Zhi Shan Hall).


Q5: How to get those assistance resources about schoolwork, life and assistive devices for physical and mental disabilities?

A5: Counseling and Health Center is the main contact window to serve disable students. If there is any relevant needs, please contact this center directly.


Q6: If students’ rights and benefits are damaged, how to relieve them?  

A6: If students think one of those listed below is illegal or unappropriated and causes damage to personal rights and benefits, we have sound student grievances system, they can seek the assistance of Counseling and Health Center.

1.      The authority’s assessment to students’ conduct and disciplinary.

2.      The teachers’ assessment to students’ academic performance.

3.      The authority’s and teachers’ decisions to students’ or relevant student government organizations’ rights and benefits.

Other Link




Division of Student Housing Service

About Us

Division of Student Housing Service was established in 2003. The main duty is to provide a high quality with low prices, health and happy, safe and harmony living spaces for students. We also set up an online platform not only to provide the safe and timely information about off-campus renting but also assist to build up a good relationship between students and landlords.


The university has 3 dormitories: Schultz Hall, St. Bosco Hall, and PU Dorm. There are totally 3,400 beds. The service includes 5 main points:

1. Counseling Service: We help students to familiar with the dorm’s environment and life, improve residences’ guidance, and establish a standard procedure and file management for how to deal with violate cases.

2. Safety Guard: hold various safety education and training, inspection and maintenance of safety equipment, and earthquake prevention drilling.

3. Dorm Activities: hold parties of festivals; combine volunteers and environmental protection topics to hold various activities.

4. Dorm Allocations: The dormitory ballot and replacement mechanism would be planned and arranged during the semesters. The allocation of beds for the residents and camps would be planned and coordinated during the winter and summer vacations.

5. Renting off-campus: We set up an online platform not only to provide the safe and timely information about off-campus renting outside the university, but also assist to build up a good relationship between students and landlords


Students Dormitory Management Regulation: http://www.osa.pu.edu.tw/osa/files/Dep_03/S04F4_1498.pdf (English Version)(Open new window)


Q1:How many room types of students dorm?


Room types of students dorm
※ The air-conditioner’s electricity bills of Schultz Hall and St. Bosco Hall will be charged by electric meter and should be paid by IC stored-value card of air-conditioner. Students can buy the IC card and store money into it at Cashier Division, the Office of General affairs, on 1F of the Bishop Kupfer Hall. The air-conditioner is operational only after you insert the card into the bedroom machine according to the arrow indication on card. The cost of IC card is NTD 56. , its storage amount can be NTD 300, NTD 600, and NTD 900. The balance of IC card can be refunded by Cashier Division at the end of semester. The cost of IC card, NTD 56 cannot be refunded, but the possession can be transferred to others to use.  ※ If the equipment or key of dorm is damaged after inspecting when you check out, the deposit will be refunded in accordance with procedures after you move out.

※ The accommodation fee of the PU Dorm does not include electricity bill. Each room has independent electric meter, and the residents would be charged in accordance with the price of Taiwan Power Company.

Q2: What are the basic devices in the dorm?

A2: Personal beddings, toiletries, and network cable should be prepared by students. The basic devices of each dorm are as follows:

Schultz Hall

A.          Room equipment: Beds, clothing cabinets, desks and chairs, telephone, internet, and air-conditioner.

B.          Public facilities: Studying room, gym, public TV room, water dispenser, bathroom, washing machine, clothes dryer, dehydrator, clothes drying yard, mailbox area, public telephone, vending machine, public elevator, and simple kitchen. 

St. Bosco Hall

A.          Room equipment: Design 1 living room, 3 rooms, bathroom, laundry, and drying yard for each unit. Each room has Beds, clothing cabinets, desks and chairs, telephone, air-conditioner, and internet.

B.          Public facilities: water dispenser, washing machine, clothes dryer, dehydrator, public telephone, vending machine, public elevator, gym, mailbox area, and simple kitchen.

PU Dorm

A.          Room equipment: There are 4 beds, clothing cabinets, desks and chairs, lamps, telephone, refrigerator, network terminating point, and air-conditioner in each room.

B.          Public facilities: Social hall, meeting room, water dispenser, washing machine (by coins), clothes dryer (by coin), dehydrator (free), mailbox area, telephone, vending machine, and public elevator.


Q3: Is there any regulation for using electrical appliances or raising a pet?


A.          According to the Article 17 of Student Dormitories Management Regulation (electrical appliances using regulation), other electrical appliances are forbidden to use except the lamp, radio, fan, hair dryer, computer, printer, video games, and cooking utensils which provided by university.

B.          In order to maintain the public sanitary and safety, it’s not allowed to raise a pet in dorm.

C.          Please check Student Dormitories Management Regulation website.


Q4: Does the Students Dorm Management system have door access schedule?

A4: The door access schedule of students dorm is from 6:00 AM to 24:00 PM. Students need to swipe the card to enter or exit, and there is a roll call system at night. The delayed handle policy shall be set in accordance with cadres meeting of each dorm and listed in the Student Daily Pledge.



Q5: How to apply for living in dorm?

A5: After completing the application form on-line, OIA will assist to apply all together.


Q6: How to search the information about renting off-campus?

A6: Please refer to the renting off-campus information on the websites of “Big Shalu Student Renting Life Network” and Division of Student Housing Service, or consult in person at Schultz Hall office of Division of Student Housing Service.


Q7: What are those precautions of renting dorms?

A7:  Precautions of signing contract: keep the original and copied one, make sure it includes the duration, the room’s devices, the house owner’s repair responsibility, the way of billing and rent. Be aware of the Daily Pledge and unreasonable regulation, remember to take the invoice after you pay the money.

Remarks: 1. Contract sample. (See appendix-The off-campus rental contract sample of PU.)

2.Precautions of rent. (See appendix-The warnings of off-campus rent)

Related precautions of safety: Find accompany when you check the dorm, confirm the identity of the house owner, check the dorm at different times, avoid renting illegal building, be aware of the environment safety, and confirm indoor devices.

Remarks: 1. Checking items of the building safety: The security devices must include a monitor, co-locks, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, escape route devices, residential fire alarm (smoke detectors), and water heater.

2.Security checking points. (See appendix-MOE’s 6+1 regulation)

Security checking points

Other Link

1.      The front page of PU Division of Student Housing Service.

http://www.osa.pu.edu.tw/osa/main.jsp?DepID=03&MsgTypeNo=S01F2 (Open new window)

2.      The class advisor resources of PU.

http://www.osa.pu.edu.tw/osa/district/tutor/ (Open new window)

3.      Big Shalu students residential life network.

http://house.hk.edu.tw/housing/ (Open new window)

4.      PU off-campus rental service network. (Fans page)

https://www.facebook.com/puhousing/ (Open new window)

5.      Mother Tsay Foundation.

https://www.tmm.org.tw/ (Open new window)



Office of Military Education

About Us

The core mission of Office of Military Education is to promote National Defense Education and maintain the campus safety. We expect to cultivate students’ patriotism, create a friendly and safe learning environment.


The service items include National Defense Education, campus safety maintaining, assistance and counselling of student life, the Echinacea anti-drug movement, traffic safety education, etc.

Campus Emergency call: 0921-382470




Q1: Is smoking allowed in campus?

A1: Related regulations and information of Tobacco Hazards Prevention are as follows:

  1. Related regulations of Tobacco Hazards Prevention:

A.      According to “The regulation of student award and punishment” of Article 9, Clause 1, students who have smoked in prohibited areas and have shown disrespect to the instructions and don’t accept quit smoking education, one or two warnings will be issued.

B.  According to “The regulation of Tobacco Hazards Prevention”:

a.  Smoking violations should attend course of Tobacco Hazards Prevention.

b. If don’t attend the course, punishments will be issued by school regulations.

C.      Repeated violators for 3 times, PU will notify Health Bureau of Taichung City Government, shall be punished by a fine in an amount of no less than NTD 2,000 but no more than NTD 10,000.

Location of smoking area in PU:  http://www.osa.pu.edu.tw/osa/spe_page/files/tobacco.pdf 

(Open new window)


Q2: What are the types of drugs and related penalties?

A2: According to the R.O.C. “Narcotics Hazard Prevention Act”, drugs are divided into four categories as follows:

   1. Category one: Heroin, Morphine, Opium, Cocaine, and other similar products.

2. Category two: Poppy, Coca, Cannabis, Amphetamines, Pethidine, Pentazocine, and other similar products.

   3. Category three: Secobarbital, Amobarbital, Nalorphine, and other similar products.

   4. Category four: Allobarbital, Alprazolam, and other similar products.

     For more details, please refer to the website of R.O.C. “Narcotics Hazard Prevention Act”:


 (Open new window)

Q3: How to deal with lost or found properties?

A3: 1. Found property: Please send it to the Office of Military Education on 3F of Bishop Kupfer Hall for registration, and require assistance in finding the owner.

    2. Lost property:

     a. Please check the “announcement of on-campus lost and found” on the website: http://alcat.pu.edu.tw/lost/ (Open new window)

     b. It can be claimed in person at the Office of Military Education on 3F of Bishop Kupfer Hall.


Q4: How to deal with the traffic accident?

A4: 1. Keep the original scene of an accident.

   2. Dial “110” to call the police immediately. If anyone gets hurt, you may ask the police to notify or dial “119” to call the ambulance.

   3. Call Campus Emergency Management Contact Line for help: 0921-382470.

Other Link

1.   The map of accident-prone area around campus:                                                               


(Open new window)

2.   The map of campus Disaster Prevention and Evacuation Escape:


(Open new window)

3.    The related websites of campus Anti-fraud guidance:

(1)     165 National Anti-fraud Hyperlink: http://165.gov.tw/

(Open new window)

The website of National Police Agency, Ministry of the Interior:

https://www.npa.gov.tw/NPAGip/wSite/mp?mp=4 (Open new window)

The related websites of campus Anti-bully:

(1)     The website of MOE campus anti-bully zone, ROC: https://csrc.edu.tw/bully/ (Open new window)

(2)     The related websites of MOE campus anti-bully, ROC:


(Open new window)