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Notification from Ministry of Education

Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs / Feb 11, 2020

Notification from Ministry of Education (Precautions for College Students in Regard to Home Quarantine and Report in Return) are listed below:

     For Students Who Transit through China, Hong Kong and Macau and Are Granted Entry into Taiwan Will be required to be Under Home Quarantine.

     Following the instructions from Central Epidemic Command Center; Travelers who have traveled through China, Hong Kong and Macau from Feb. 6th, 2020 (i.e. students from Hong Kong and Macau) and those who transit through China, Hong Kong and Macau, as well as granted entry into Taiwan from Feb. 10th, 2020 (i.e. International Students), are required to be under home quarantine for 14 days.   

     Institutes of higher education ought to follow this instruction and thoroughly execute student-related epidemic prevention and quarantine duties. If there were any modifications applied for some institutes, more rigorous methods shall be practiced as well as following guidelines from Central Epidemic Command Center including “Notice for Entrants Whom are Required for Home Quarantine from Infected Areas of Serious Infectious Pneumonia”, “Tracking Mechanisms for Those Who Are At Risk of Infection” and promptly announce epidemic prevention rules. All related budgets could be adopted for different institutions and assistance will be sponsored by the Ministry of Education.

     Preliminary Work Prior to Arrival of Students Who Are Under Home Quarantine

     Actively Reach Out to Students: Notice should be sent (refer to the example attached below) to students; arrival date to Taiwan should also be double-checked, it is recommended to return to Taiwan 14 days before new semester starts. Furthermore, for students with travel history to China, Hong Kong and Macau should be reminded to bring surgical facial masks for their “home quarantine” prior their entry into Taiwan.

     For Students who live Off-Campus, they should be reminded with “Notice for Entrants Whom are required for Home Quarantine from Infected Areas of Serious Infectious Pneumonia” and “Tracking Mechanisms for Those Who Are at Risk of Infection” and have their quarantine fulfilled off-campus.

     For Students who live On-Campus, dormitories should be pre-arranged.

     Separate dormitories should be provided during quarantine period, and students who are not required to be under quarantine should not enter into those dormitories.

     Try to separate dormitory rooms (Including arrangement of bathrooms). If there are shared bedrooms, prevention methods should be applied (wearing surgical facial masks as well as maintain good sanitary habits) and stay away from one another for at least 1 meter.

     If there are students living in the arranged dormitories already, proper communication is required, and they should be arranged to different dormitories. If on-campus dormitory is not applicable, an off-campus location ought to be provided and management methods should follow in-campus dormitories.

     Dormitories should be cleaned thoroughly and properly disinfected.

     Accommodation Necessities (Including quilts, mattresses, pillows, toiletries) and epidemic essentials (such as facial masks, hand sanitizer, bleach and thermometer) should be prepared and placed in the arranged dormitories.

     Related staff (Including dormitory supervisors, school bus drivers, food delivery and cleaning/disinfection staff) should be listed and be given proper training as well as protection equipment. 

     All the Movement for Students who Are Under Home Quarantine Should be Closely Monitored 

     Once the school confirmed the arrival of students, their return to school or off-campus dormitories should be looked after; staff should be arranged to contact those students and provide fundamental education. 

     For students who are arranged to live in-campus, they should provide signed copies of “Notice for Entrants Whom are Required for Home Quarantine from Infected Areas of Serious Infectious Pneumonia”, and be given specific direction into their arranged rooms.

     For students who live off-campus, they should report back their health condition to local civil affairs bureau/borough chief or village clerks. If necessary, school can provide additional service as well as helping the students contact related personnel.

     Handbooks should be given to the students who are under home quarantine (Each school is free to edit on its own or could refer to the sample provided by National Sun Yat-sen University)

During Period of Home Quarantine

     During their quarantine, no visitor is allowed for entry. Unrelated staff are also not permitted to enter these dormitories.

     Could refer to dormitory rules or dormitory autonomous cadre, dorm manager and vice dorm manager shall be appointed by the dormitory or school. Each floor should have floor manager. Dorm manager and floor manager should assist schools in delivering food and other related services.

     Garbage should be collected on a daily basis; dormitory should also be arranged for periodically cleaning and disinfection. 

     Take good care of those who are under quarantine. In addition to asking their health conditions, psychological support should also be given.

     Under the quarantine period, if there are students who have fever or respiratory symptoms should be sent to hospitals following standard protocol and report to Campus Security Report Center of MOE.

     If there are any students who disobey the rules and go out on their own or take public transportation; they should be reported to local government and be fined from NT$10,000 to NT$150, 000 according to Art. 58 and Art. 69 of “Contagious Diseases Prevention Law”.

    Once the Quarantine Period Comes to an End

     After 14 days, once the students are confirmed with no fever symptoms by the nursing staff; they are free to leave their appointed dormitories.

     Once all the students leave their respective dormitories, they whole building should be disinfected.

     All the duties mentioned above should be carried out properly by each school. If there are any needs for epidemic prevention necessities (including facial masks, forehead thermometer or alcohol), feel free to ask for assistance from the MOE. Epidemic prevention should be treated as war, presidents of all institutions should supervise related personnel and ensure the regulations and responsibilities are arranged properly in order to successfully prevent spreading of diseases. If there are any outbreak caused by improper home quarantine carried out by schools, responsibilities will be traced to related staff.