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Providence University 106 February Campus Safety Bulletin

Military Training Room / Mar 1, 2017

Unit: Military Training Room Wang Xingzhou 16206
Time: 03/14 ~ 04/14
First, "be careful Terror Valentine - Women and Children News" publicity video one! Please visit, the film URL:
Second, anti-fraud music film (MV) "do not believe evil", please browse, the film URL:
Https://www.165.gov.tw/fraud.aspx?id=236 (Crime Prevention Advocacy Database).
Third, during the study please pay attention to traffic safety and personal property and life safety
(A) traffic safety:
1. Driving (riding) car through the intersection or corner should slow down and pay attention to the front of the car, to prevent collision with the car or self-wrestling.
2. Ride the locomotive should be driven by speed, and with the car and the adjacent car to maintain a safe distance, should not speeding, and should prevent the illegal driving or sudden turn of the vehicle to prevent accidents.
(B) life safety
1. After school in the outdoor game leisure activities, personal property custody please carefully custody, do not let criminals have the opportunity.
2. Fraud is still heard, in case of suspicious telephone should be carefully verified, do not listen to the instructions of the operator to tell the cash machine.
3. Please pay attention to your own safety after school. In case of special accident, please call the campus safety emergency line 0921-382470 help.
4. If you have emotional or emotional problems, please consult with the professional psychologist at the consultation and health center.