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Updates about the Coronavirus outbreak and International Student's arrival to Providence University

Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs / Feb 5, 2020

Dear All,


       Here is some information which may relate to your arrival on Feb 11 or even earlier.


     Based on the latest announcement from Taiwan Center of Disease Control (CECC) about the traveler's transits from Wenzhou city, Guangdong Province, and Hubei Province will be curbed or apply for self-health management at home.


     Therefore, we urge you to avoid any transfer flights from China (including HK and Macau) to Taiwan in order to continue your study at PU, Taiwan with less problems.


     "CECC also announced that travelers with a history of travel to Wenzhou City are subject to home quarantine when they enter Taiwan and that Wenzhou residents are prohibited from entering Taiwan. If fever or respiratory illness symptoms develop when travelers enter Taiwan, such travelers will be transferred to the designated healthcare facilities for sample collection and sent back home for quarantine. If such travelers test positive, they will be subject to compulsory quarantine according to the procedure of handling confirmed cases.”



Latest news refer to CECC's official:





     Any updates from the university side will be informed via Facebook group and email soon!


Thank you for attention.


We hope the situation in China gets better soon!