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Privacy Policy of Providence University

Welcome visiting Providence University website.
This privacy policy is meant to you that we value your Personal Information and obey the personal information Protection Act, other related regulations The following statement will help you understand how and when we collect, , use and protect your information across our website.

1. Privacy protection statement
This statement incorporates how we deal with your personal identifiable information which is collected while you are working on this website. This statement is not applied to any non-Providence web site which is linked and provided on this website. You shall refer to privacy protection statement in the linking websites.

2. Collecting and using of information
(1) Server will record your connecting IP address, log in time, browsers and browsing records and this data will be used only for internal application only and improving internet service.
(2) When you use our online services, we will be obligated the Personal Information Protection Act and relevant norms of laws on personal information you provide. Your personal information will not be used for other particular purpose.
(3) Except for above two conditions, we will not collect any personal identifiable information.

3. Information protection
The host of this website is secured with safety protections and under information security verification continuously, therefore, your personal information will be strictly protected with high standard. Only authorized staff who signed confidential contract can access your personal information. Anyone who violates confidential regulation will be penaltied.

4. Share and use of information
Except for the following conditions, we will not disclose your personal information to third parties or any other purposes apart from data collecting.
-law regulations
-cooperating with official organizations
-preventing from seriously damaging others’ rights

5. Use of Cookie
This website might place our Cookie in your device in order to provide you with better service. If you do not allow any tracking of Cookie, you can configure the privacy level to HIGH in your browsers. This setting may cause some system features and tasks that cannot function correctly.

6. Self-protection
Please carefully protect your password and personal information and ensure to log out every time after using the device. If you share the computer with others or use public computer, please make sure you close the browser to prevent others getting your personal information, email or access into your responsibility areas.

7. Amendment of Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy may be amended based on necessities, any amendment will be announced on the website afterwards.