Welcome to Providence University, Taiwan- A message from the VP for International Affairs

Welcome to Providence University, Taiwan- A message from the VP for International Affairs

Dear international students,

Greetings from Providence University, Taiwan!

Starting from August 24th, 2020, Taiwanese government lifted entry ban and allows all students overseas (International and Mainland Chinese) to enroll in Taiwan. We are aware that it is an extremely challenging process to arrange flights, departure and complete a 14-day quarantine in such a short period. Your patience and cooperation are greatly appreciated.

In order to welcome all students to return to campus, study measures in response to COVID-19 are implemented in Providence University. Please follow the admission, registration and course selection procedures as outlined below:

1. Students are required to start a 7-day self-health management after a 14-day quarantine. During this period, please reduce outdoor activities as much as possible. Masks are mandatory for heading out and attending classes on campus.

2. The last day for registration is September 30th, please ensure registration and course selection processes are completed before that day.

3. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, students might not be able to attend classes in person. To cope with this situation, there are 6-week online courses available from September 14 to October 23. Please watch course materials and join the class online accordingly.

In the meantime, we urge all students to wash your hands frequently, maintain social-distancing of 1.5 meters indoors, and at least 1 meter in outdoor environment.

Finally, each and every one of you has come to the last mile of studying at Providence University for the new semester. Please complete all mandatory procedures patiently and take care of your own health and safety during your transportation process. Faculty, staff members and students of Providence University are thrilled to welcome all of you. Should you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact a staff member.

With warm regards,

Dr. Wen-Ching Chang

Vice President for International Affairs Providence University