Prevention of Epidemic Prevention for New Year's Day Holidays

Dear all,

At the end of the New Year’s Eve holidays, communication between people increased. According to the global new coronavirus epidemic of the Central Epidemic Command Center, the international epidemic situation is getting worse and the number of overseas immigration cases is increasing; the World Health Organization also warns that it may be possible increase in early 2021.

Participating in New Year’s Eve activities has the characteristics of being crowded, long-term and close to specific groups of people.

During the event, please follow the epidemic prevention regulations:


  1. Participants should wear masks throughout the event. Except for hydration, no eating or drinking is allowed. Those who refuse to listen will be punished.
  2. No standing tickets shall be sold for indoor events; event organizers shall keep a record of contact details of participants attending such events and take participants' temperature and disinfect their hands before they enter the venue; the organizer should provide sufficient hand cleaning and disinfection at the event, increase the frequency of disinfection in public toilets, and have medical response measures. No food or drink can be sold in the venue except for the designated sales area.
  3. Participants attending such events shall have a mobile phone with them and keep it switched on to receive information related to disease prevention.

Prohibited object

  1. Home quarantine and home isolation are not allowed to participate in related activities.
  2. Those during the period of independent health management shall not participate in related activities.
  3. People (including performers and event staff) with suspected symptoms such as fever, respiratory symptoms, diarrhea, abnormal smell and taste, are not allowed to participate in related activities.

Remind everyone to do personal hand hygiene and cough etiquette; keep a socially distance of 1.5 meters indoors and 1 meter outdoors with others; if you feel sick, please wear a mask and seek medical treatment as soon as possible, and actively inform the travel history and contact history, and make sure to rest at home when sick. Domestic epidemic prevention and safety requires everyone to cooperate with various epidemic prevention measures to minimize the risk of epidemic spread.